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I am so full right now I could just explode!!  Not physically full but spiritually full.  Todd & I are participating in a couple of Bible studies together - one is a discipleship training class called "Not A Fan", and the other is for our 6th Grade Sunday School class: "Experiencing God - Youth Edition." 

I have mentioned in earlier posts that I am trying to have a Mary mentality for 2012.  We are very rarely home, so the Martha mentality tries to overtake me whenever I do have a scoop of time at home.  When we do make it home after a work day, we are usually home just long enough to make a mess only to have to turn around to go to another function and leave the mess behind with a promise to tend to it as soon as time becomes available.  Over the years, I've developed a practice of giving it a 'lick and a promise' for another day!  Frustrating. (especially if company comes over -- EEK!)

Because of this busy-ness, I always feel like there's a 'Mary' screaming to get out of this 'Martha' body.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be in God's word, however, it is sad to say that because of our fast-paced life it is easier for me to stay in God's word if I have accountability.  Discipleship training classes/Bible studies help hold me accountable to staying in God's word every day.  I was hooked at my first study, so that always keeps me searching out more! (thank God!)  I have so many books that I want to read right now and do not know how I will ever get to them, but looking at them keeps me eager to find the time.

I have spent time in both studies this morning and I just have to say I am overflowing!  I wish I could take at least half a day every day to just dive into God's word.  I will have to say that today, when I desperately need to be a Martha around the home, being Mary has been so fulfilling.  The Martha that is about to appear will be so much more happy since Mary was allowed to visit!  :) 

I want to leave you with a thought from 'Not A Fan' that I posted on Facebook earlier today: 
"As you go about your day, anticipate situations that will likely occur. In each case, picture yourself following Jesus into that situation. For example, if you awaken your kids, envision yourself walking into the bedroom behind Jesus, with Him going ahead of you and showing you what to do and how to do it. Or if you have a meeting, imagine Jesus walking into that office ahead of you, and you following His lead in how to listen, speak and act. Following Jesus is a 24-hour a day commitment; it is not just knowing what He knows but rather living how He lived. Mentally follow Jesus into every situation, and allow Him to take the lead. (Kyle Idleman)"  Wow.  This really resinated with me today.  It is a good word for ANY situation!!

Well....this Martha is about to go about my much-needed business around the home, but I will follow Jesus into each endeavor! 

Do you have a 'Martha' or a 'Mary' tendancy?

Do you have a particular Bible study that has changed your life?  What is it?  How has it changed your life? 
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