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I dream of simple things.  I enjoy the simple things....a simple life.  In a life full of chaos and running to & fro, the simple things are what we lack the most.'s actually what we fail to recognize, I suppose.  It's hard to savor these moments when you feel like you are running so fast that you feel as if you are in survival mode.  Well...I am trying to savor these moments as best I can, trying to hold on to every ounce of familiarity before it turns into a memory of past.

Simple things.
Things that instantly make your lips curl up into a smile without even a moment's notice.   Things that give you warm fuzzies from head to toe....that make you capture the moment and savor it for the split second in which it happens in hopes that there will be many more to come. 

A hot cup of coffee with just the right amount of cream 1st thing in the morning...

A hot cup of coffee with just the right amount of cream 1st thing in the morning - given to you by 'the whole package' that you married 18 years ago this month who only gets better looking each year that goes by...

A baseball hit to the fence by your oldest son on a hot, steamy, take-your-breath-away kind of day after he 'gets' the instruction his dad has been telling him over and over and over...and the smile stretching from ear to ear as he slides into home plate.

A sweet double play at 3rd made by your youngest son on a hot, steamy, take-your-breath-away kind of day after 'stinkin' it up the game before...and the confidence regained by a play well done.

A nice, slow, steady rain cooling the air around you on a take-your-breath-away kind of day as it pounds the pavement and coaxes the steam to rise back into the atmosphere.

A cool shower at the end of the day that soothes skin that has ever so generously been toasted by the sun.

Watching kids catch fireflies in the front yard in the glow of the moonlight.

Giving in to the pleading of your little ones who are not so little anymore to stay out at least another 30 minutes so as not to hinder the fun on a summer night.

Movie night with a big bowl of buttered popcorn and a Reeses cup and a tall cold glass of Dr. Pepper (or Mtn. Dew) to wash it all down.

Having my quiet time early in the morning on the back of Pop & Nene's deck when no one else is up, drinking that hot cup of coffee looking out across the lake and thanking God for how much He has truly blessed us....and wanting to know Him so much more intimately than I do.

Becoming close buddies with 'Mr. Bubbles' if only for a day while watching his translucent circles blow away in the hot summer breeze.

Bare feet on a freshly mowed carpet of green grass.


The different varieties of hummingbirds generously gulping down the sugar water in my back yard.

Climbing into cool, crisp sheets at the end of a very long day while allowing your body to melt & mold into the mattress.

Pulling out a cold, slushy Dr. Pepper from Nene's fridge!

Watching the men follow Pop out to the garage for a few minutes of estrogen-free conversation!

Watching my dad load up on handfuls of chocolate oatmeal cookies at our family gatherings after going months without sugar!

Watching grown girls revert back to childhood while playing baseball in my dad's field.

Singing with my sisters.  (Boy, how I miss that!)

Pictures.   Pictures that freeze the memories of a moment that you will look at several times before putting away for seasons on end only to get them out years later causing you to reflect and wonder where the years went.  Wow.  Where have the years gone?

It's the bitter-sweetness of watching my little boys grow into young men.  So much sadness with so much joy!

The simple things are best shared with my family.  Of course, there is family that I long to see every day who are a constant thought pattern of mine but are too far away to be constant companions:  My dad - who whittles down small branches into canes for my boys....and his distinct laugh whenever something strikes him as funny.  My brothers and sisters and their families and our backyard shenanigans (and their constant reminders to my hubby that he is a sore thumb of an Alabama fan sticking out in a Tennessee world!) Todd's parents and our late night talks by the fireplace.  Todd's brother and sisters and their families and their poking and prodding at one another without mercy!  Daddy Pete - Todd's granddad -who my boys adore and who I could sit and talk to and play dominos with for hours.

It is being away from our extended families that have pretty much forced Todd and  I and our boys to rely on one another so much.  We don't hardly ever do anything apart from one another so when we are apart, it doesn't feel comfortable. 

My most precious simple things?  My immediate three men.

Mmmm.....Feels like home to me...
...and I thank God for all of life's simple pleasures, for every good thing comes from above!
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