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There are songs that just meet you where you are and, therefore, usually create sort of a landmark for that certain era of your spiritual journey so that when you look back on it you are brought back to the memories and emotions of that particular time in your journey. As I am focusing on God's unfailing love, there is a song that will probalby serve as one of those spiritual landmarks for brings me to my knees in tears almost every time I listen to it. I would like to share the words to that song in hopes that it reaches you to the core as it does to me every time I hear it. I would suggest that you buy the album!

Please don't skip over the Choruses....all 3 are different....

"Time In Between" by Francesca Battistelli

You were there when your Father said, Let there be light

You obeyed when He whispered 'Son, You have to leave tonight

to spend 9 months in a mother's womb, 3 days in a borrowed tomb"

(Chorus 1)

But its the time in between

That brings me to my knees

Knowing you came for me, and all that I can't be

I'm amazed, so amazed, And I thank you

for the time in between

Don't take much for this crazy world to rob me of my peace

And the enemy of my soul says you're holding out on me

So I stand here lifting empty hands

for You to fill me up again

(Chorus 2)

But it's the time in between

That I fall down to my knees

Waiting on what you'll bring

And the things that I can't see

I know my song's incomplete

Still I'll sing in the time in between

So many ways....your love has saved the day

And I'm grateful for them all

(Chorus 3)

But it's the time in between

The middle of two thieves

That says everything

It's the reason I believe

I'm amazed, so amazed

And I thank you for the time in between

"Oh Lord, I thank you for the time in between!!!"

WOW! It's the 3rd chorus that really speaks to me because it creates in my mind the visual of His suffering as He died on the cross for me. The thing is, God was actually PLEASED for his son to die because his death would save so many and cover a multitude of people's sins!! To know that this was done for ME is too much to grasp sometimes....I cannot wrap my brain around the magnitude of it all...I am so very very humbled when I think about this remarkable demonstration of unfailing love....and I'm so very thankful.
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